Best Breakfast Sandwich

 I love everything about this Vietnamese inspired style breakfast sandwich. The combination of fried egg, pickled radish, carrot, avocado, cucumber, and all the herbs work really well. They are very tasty. I would have it every morning when I visit Ho Chi Minh City. Try it!

Best Breakfast Sandwich (Vietnamese Inspired/Saigon Baguette)

2 Baguette (small sized) lightly toasted

4 Large Eggs
1/2 Cucumber, cut into matchsticks
Pickled Daikon & Carrot
Crispy Garlic Oil
A Handful of Asian Basil
A Handful of Saw tooth/Ngoi Ngai
Some Fresh Coriander
2 to 3 Green Chilies, sliced
Chili Sauce
Black Pepper
Sea Salt, to taste

Checkout the video for step-by-step tutorial.

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