Sweet Lotus Seeds & White /Snow Fungus Soup

These are Sweet Lotus Seeds And White Fungus Soup recipe. The main ingredient for this dessert is snow fungus or also known as White fungus. It is a staple ingredient in Chinese's medicine for skin care for youthful appearance. I'm not too sure they really work, but I do like to savour them once in a while. You can serve it warm or cold, during the hot Summer day.

Sweet Lotus Seeds And White/Snow Fungus Soup


1 Large Piece of White/Snow Fungus
1/2 cup Lotus Seeds
1/4 Cup Dried Lily Bulbs
1/4 Cup Dried Longan
2 to 4 pieces of Rock Sugar, or to taste
4 Cups of Boiling Water

Equipment: 2 ceramic pots/containers or a slow cooker



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