Daikon And Carrot Pickles

Daikon And Carrot Pickles


2 Large Carrots, shredded
1 Small Daikon, shredded
1 Tbsp Sea Salt
1/4 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Water
3/4 Cup White Vinegar


Combine sugar, water and vinegar in a bowl or measuring jug and mix well.

Combine daikon and carrots in a colander and rub with sea salt. Set aside for about 10 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, drain well and use a salad spinner to dry the vegetables. Alternatively, squeeze the vegetables with a muslin cloth until dry.

Place the vegetables in a large jar and pour in the vinegar mixture. Allow the vegetables to marinate for at least 2 to 3 hours before serving. The pickles are best served chilled.


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