Nasi Lemak With Anchovy Sambal {Sambal Ikan Bilis}

Nasi Lemak With Anchovy Sambal {Sambal Ikan Bilis}


Coconut Rice
Dried Anchovies Sambal – Sambal Ikan Bilis
Cucumber, sliced
Deep-Fried Anchovies
Fried Peanuts
Hard-boiled Eggs, halved
Dried Cuttlefish Sambal With Peanuts

Coconut Rice {Steamed or With Rice Cooker}
400 g (2 Cups) Long Grain Rice, washed and drained
3 Pandan/Screwpine Leaves, washed and knotted
1 Shallots, peeled and thickly sliced
1 tsp Sea Salt
400 ml Coconut Milk (preferably 100% coconut milk)
200 ml Water


Steamed Coconut Rice: Refer to the video cooking guide.

Rice cooker: Place all the ingredients in a rice cooker and cook according to the manufacturer instructions. When the rice is cook, fluff up the rice with a fork and keep the rice warm in the rice cooker.


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